Take Our Daughters To Work

First-hand Look at Careers in Plastics 

Looking for ways to get students - especially girls - interested in careers in plastics? Participating in "Take Our Daughters To Work," a national program aimed at improving girls' self esteem and giving them a firsthand look at the opportunities available to them if they work hard and do well in school, is a great way to introduce girls in your community to careers in plastics.

The Program

The Take Our Daughters To Work program was launched by the Ms. Foundation in 1993 in response to research findings that girls receive less attention than boys in school and youth programs, and suffer from low expectations more than boys do.

Every year, on the fourth Thursday in April, millions of 9- to 15-year-old girls from around the country (and in 14 countries around the world) will go to work with adult mentors - parents, grandparents, cousins, aunts, friends and other interested community members - to learn firsthand the exciting range of opportunities open to them, while getting the attention they often don't get in the classroom.

Working alongside adult mentors gives girls a glimpse of their own potential. And a day at a plastics company will open their eyes to career opportunities in your plant, in your front office, on your sales and marketing team, and with your design and research departments.

How you can get involved

Participating is easy. You can either invite company employees to bring girls in their lives to work for the day or sponsor a group of girls who otherwise would not be able to participate in the event - girls from a local school, housing complex, Girl Scout troop, Girls Club or Big Sisters program.

The day could include a plant tour, a chance for the girls to interview employees about their jobs and lunch or breakfast with women from your company who talk to the girls about why they chose careers in plastics and what kind of training they needed, and discuss issues such as balancing work and family demands. The visit would also give you a chance to learn about the girls' perceptions of jobs in the plastics business. Give them a chance to tell you why they would or wouldn't want to work in the plastics industry.

An organizer's kit, which explains how to coordinate the day with local media, schools and other members of your community, is available from the Ms. Foundation. The program's employers guide explains why inviting girls to your company makes good business sense, answers commonly asked questions, and provides sample schedules and activities to try with the girls. Parent, outreach and school guides are also available. Just call 800-676-7780 to order them.

It benefits more than just the girls in your community

Talk to school officials about the day. Inform teachers, principals, PTAs and superintendents that you plan to invite area girls to spend the day at your company. Let government officials, community leaders and the local news media know you're participating in the program.

In addition to introducing girls to careers in plastics and helping them feel more confident about themselves and their futures, your involvement will boost your image in the community. You'll be viewed as a company that cares about its youth, their future and your community.

For more information about the Take Our Daughters To Work program or to start planning the April event at your company, call 1-800-676-7780.


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