SPI Councils

SPI’s industry councils (Equipment, Material Suppliers and Processors) represent the foundation of the organization, and they have a direct pipeline to both the Executive Board as well as to SPI’s tactical committees to ensure that the needs of today’s industry are being addressed. These councils are able to flexibly set budgets according to the ebb and flow of a rapidly changing marketplace. All member company representatives have a voice within SPI’s Council structure. Furthermore, specific dues allocations are no longer required, so Council programs and initiatives are accessible to members throughout the supply chain.

Equipment Council
The Equipment Council is the main point of engagement into SPI for all machinery manufacturers. Committees under this Council include:

  • Machine Safety Standards
  • Equipment Statistics
  • Programs/Conferences

Material Suppliers Council
The Material Suppliers Council is the main point of engagement into the organization for all resin, additive, colorant and other material suppliers. Committees under this Council include:

  • Fluoropolymer Manufacturers
  • Organic Peroxide Producers
  • Vinyl Products
  • Programs/Conferences

Processors Council 
The Processors Council is the main point of engagement into SPI for all processors and moldmakers, regardless of the process they represent. Committees under this Council include:

  • Film and Bag Manufacturers
  • Thermoformers
  • Medical Products
  • Emerging Issues
  • Statistics/Benchmarking
  • Programs/Conferences

Brand Owners
The Brand Owners Council is the main point of engagement into SPI for brand owners and other manufacturers of plastic consumer goods.  The Council explores ways to work together to shape technology, standards and industry best practices, regulations and public outreach initiatives to serve the unique business interests of companies reaching the commercial and retail end-use buyers. Key issues for SPI’s Brand Owners Council include:

  • Zero waste strategies around sustainability and environmental stewardship
  • Research & Development
  • Product safety
  • Supply chain transparency

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