Finance, Administration, and Membership Committee

SPI’s Finance, Administration, and Membership Committee is responsible for reviewing the annual operating budget and periodic financial reports of the Society, and presents its recommendations to the Executive Board for discussion and approval.  More specifically, this important committee:

  • Recommends policies concerning management of the financial resources, systems for internal financial control, establishment of membership dues, allocation of funds, and the general dues structure, including those revisions to the structure deemed necessary to provide the required revenue;    
  • Studies, coordinates, and reviews the membership programs of SPI’s industry groups to provide guidance and assistance.
  • Presents a list of new members, resignations, suspensions and reinstatements to the full Executive Board at each of its meetings for final approval, along with the Committee’s recommendation concerning all other matters relating to membership activities.
The Finance, Administration, and Membership Committee is composed of the Society’s Treasurer and at least seven members of the Executive Board appointed by the Chair subject to the approval of the Executive Board.

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