The PlastiVan Program is a great way to WOW and excite young people about science and the vast opportunities the plastics industry has to offer. PlastiVans travel to schools and companies throughout North America, educating people of all ages about plastic’s chemistry, history, processing, manufacturing, sustainability and application. Easily integrated into school curricula, the PlastiVan mission is to provide sound science and educational programs which spark scientific curiosity in students while increasing their knowledge of the contribution plastics make to modern life.

"A visit from the PlastiVan has become a highlight of our Chemistry Unit here at MMS. I want to thank you and the plastic industry for sponsoring such a wonderful program. As we are all under the pressure of meeting academic standards, I am proud to say that our Science test scores at Montgomery Middle School have increased every year. I personally believe that the interest and information our students receive during a visit from the PlastiVan contributes significantly to our rising test scores."
-- Emmy Rodgers, 8th Grade Physical Science, Montgomery Middle School



Elementary Lab
Maximum of 30 students per group,
5 groups a day, starting grade 4
A hands-on lab investigating the technology, chemistry and processing of plastic products we use every day. Fun-filled, educational experiments address where plastics come from and how they affect our lives.

Middle School Lab
Maximum of 40 students per group,
5 groups a day, Grades 6-8

Our most popular program, this is a fun learning experience that involves the students in experiments that will pique their interest in the science and technology of plastics and polymers.

High School Lab
Maximum of 40 students per group,
5 groups a day, Grades 9-12

A unique, advanced laboratory experience where students delve into the chemistry, history and sustainability issues of plastics and how they are designed to have distinct properties. Students are also introduced to a wide array of career opportunities in the plastics industry.

Educator Workshop
Teachers will learn all of the PlastiVan™ experiments and demonstrations and receive assistance in curriculum integration. Teacher Resource Packets and a supply list are provided.

Sponsor a PlastiVan™ Visit

Plastics industry companies and other organizations are encouraged to introduce school children in their community to the marvels of plastics by sponsoring a visit from the PlastiVan. If the company chooses, time will be allotted for a company representative to address the students about their products, processes and career opportunities.

Sponsoring companies nurture the development of their future workforce by opening children's minds to careers in sciences, engineering and the plastics industry. In addition, PlastiVan benefits the sponsoring company by increasing the company’s visibility in the community and often garnering local media coverage, changing the public’s perception of the industry, and positively affecting the lives and minds of young people. Plus, sponsorship of a PlastiVan visit is a tax-deductible donation to the school.

To get started, select one or more schools in your community that you would like to have the PlastiVan visit. Appoint a contact person at the company to handle all logistical details and offer the program to the school. Then contact the National Plastics Center regarding the availability of the PlastiVan in your area. The Center will schedule all PlastiVan visits with the school.


Host a PlastiVan™ Visit

Hosting a PlastiVan visit to your school or workplace is easy! Contact Marjorie Weiner at (978) 618-5496.  The following are desirable, but not essential:

  • Science lab, classroom or presentation area that includes a grounded outlet, tables and chairs for students and a working sink.
  • All programs should take place in the same location.

PlastiVans™ Reaching Out Across America

The PlastiVan was made possible through the generous funding of Robert A. Hoffer, Sr., of Hoffer Plastics Corp. (South Elgin, Ill.), Robert Schad of Husky Injection Molding Systems (Bolton, Ontario), Gordon B. Lankton of Nypro Inc. (Clinton, Mass.) and Stephen Uhlmann of Tech Groups, Inc. (Scottsdale, Ariz.).

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