Plastic Video Spotlight

  • NPE2009
    At NPE2009 in Chicago, plastics will be the talk of the town. Discover emerging technologies and new applications among 2,000 suppliers. Discuss business with 75,000 professionals from 120 countries. Learn from industry leaders at our comprehensive education program including ANTEC@NPE2009, MoldMaking Expo 2009, PET Strategies Plus Conference, Time Compression Expo, Federation of Societies for Coatings Technology Executive Summit, and SPI's Business of Plastics. Participate in a global technology exchange at SPI's International Plastics Design Competition. We speak your language at NPE2009.
  • Andrew Winston at Sustain '08
    Green to Gold author Andrew Winston discusses what drives sustainability, the role of 'conflicted' or 'conscious' consumers, the importance of closing the product life cycle loop, potential growth opportunities and the importance of recycled content.
  • Scot Case at Sustain '08
    Is a company greenwashing sinning? Scot Case, Vice President of TerraChoice Environmental Marketing Inc. explains the six sins of greenwashing: fibbing, no proof, irrelevance, the hidden trade-off, vagueness, lesser of two evils.
  • Dr. Robin Kent at Sustain '08
    Dr. Robin Kent, founder and managing director of Tangram Technology Ltd. shares insight into the cost of energy, ways to reduce energy costs through tracking and monitoring consumption, ways to report and distribute your results and more.
  • Scott Vitters at Sustain '08
    Scott Vitters, director of sustainable packaging, environment and water resources at Coca-Cola discusses Coca-Cola's work towards achieving zero waste through life cycle studies, packaging considerations about functionality, light-weighting, and transportation, and the consumers role in these decisions.
  • Valerie Casey at Sustain '08
    Valerie Casey, creator of The Designers Accord, and global practice leader at IDEO explains The Designers Accord, guidelines for adopters, perceptions of the plastics industry, and ways that plastics industry and the creative community can work together.
  • Dr. Mike Biddle at Sustain '08
    "What does a sustainable plastics business look like?" Dr. Mike Biddle, Founder & President of MBA Polymers Inc., discusses the benefits of using waste instead of petro-chemicals, challenges and the importance of recycling to supply. energy, ways to reduce energy costs through tracking and monitoring consumption, ways to report and distribute your results and more.
  • Robert Render at Sustain '08
    Robert Render, President of Maine Plastics Inc. shares a success story about increasing waste recycling from one plant from 20% to 86%, the steps taken to help achieve that increase, and shares insights into why recycling programs are successful.
  • Kirk Stewart at Sustain '08
    Kirk Stewart, Executive Vice President at APCO Worldwide Inc. introduces 'The Ten Commandments for Communicating Sustainability' where he discusses ways to address customer cynicism and skeptism of companies when it comes to sustainability. He also emphasizes the importance of having real sustainability programs, verifiable metrics, and involving employees when communicating a companys sustainability efforts.
  • Bayne Upton at Sustain '08
    Hear Bayne Upton, Strategic Technology Leader - Non-Metallics at GE Healthcare share his wish list for future plastic developments. Also learn about the importance of life cycle assessment when choosing between thermosets and thermoplastics.

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