Committee on Equipment Statistics

SPI’s statistics program is one of the most highly valued services provided to equipment manufacturers. Currently, over 80 equipment manufacturers are members of the SPI Committee on Equipment Statistics (CES). Reporting into this program are suppliers of:

  • Injection molding machines,
  • Extruders,
  • Blow molding machines
  • Auxiliary equipment
  • Hotrunners

These reports capture a substantial percentage of the entire North American market in each reporting category.

Participating companies are responsible for submitting their monthly new orders and shipments in units and values to Veris Consulting, a third-party fiduciary, via the SPI CES website. Neither CES members nor SPI staff have access to individual company data. Only the fiduciary staff assigned to the CES program is permitted to see individual company data. In order to eliminate the potential of violating anti-trust laws, disclosure rules have been set requiring that at least three companies report in each category and that no one company can have a greater than 65% market share in a category each reporting period. The fiduciary posts reports on the SPI CES website, typically within 2-3 weeks after the end of each reporting period. Email notifications are sent to the company data reporters when the reports are posted.

Only companies that participate and report into the program have access to the reports.

In addition to the monthly reports, CES publishes a quarterly Cross Sector Analysis (CSA) that correlates CES data with general macroeconomic data. The CSA is provided to CES members at no charge.


CES Media Reports

CES recently decided to reinstate releasing quarterly media reports. Please see below for a list of the recent releases.

2Q2016 - Plastics Machinery Shipments Rise 2% Y/Y in Q2

1Q2016 - Plastics Machinery Shipments Rise 13.5% Y/Y in Q1

4Q2015 - Plastics Machinery Shipments Spiked up in Q4

3Q2015 - A Strong Performance for Plastics Machinery Shipments in Q3

2Q2015 - Another Solid Gain for Plastics Machinery Shipments in Q2

1Q2015 - The Uptrend in Plastics Machinery Shipments Continued in Q1

3Q2014 - Plastics Machinery Shipments Continued to Rise in Q3

2Q2014 - Strong Gain for Plastics Machinery Shipments in Q2

1Q2014 - Plastics Machinery Shipments Off to a Good Start in Q1

4Q2013 - Plastics Machinery Shipments Stay Strong in Q4

3Q2013 - Plastics Machinery Shipments Rise Sharply in Q3


If CES is something you and your company are interested in please contact Katie Masterson at or 202-974-5296.

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