Organic Peroxide Producers Safety Division (OPPSD)

The major objective of this SPI division is to promote the science, safety and handling of organic peroxides. Toward this goal, the division's activities include: 

  • Discussion toward resolution of problems confronting the organic peroxide industry and its members. 
  • Establishment of better communications in the area of safety practices among firms concerned with manufacturing, shipping, handling and storage of organic peroxides.
  • Identification of the hazards of organic peroxides and determination of appropriate test methods for accurately measuring these hazards; establishment of recommended safe practices for organic peroxides. 
  • Promotion of research, development and standardization and publication of reliable data through information bulletins.
  • Committees: Transportation, Product Stewardship, Toxicology and Storage
  • In June 2013 OPPSD released a revised version of the Safety and Handling of Organic Peroxides Guide.

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OPPSD Activities

In March 2016 OPPSD released a statement on NFPA 400 and its applicability to current practices. 

In August 2013 OPPSD has released an updated version of the Respirator Chart.

In June 2013 OPPSD released a revised version of the Safety and Handling of Organic Peroxides Guide.

In January 2013 the OPPSD Product Stewardship Committee released three new documents regarding storage class recommendations.

2012 Storage Class Recommendations Table

Appendix I to the 2012 Storage Class Recommendations Table:  Organic Peroxide Formulations and Storage Class Definitions

Appendix II to the 2012 Storage Class Recommendations Table: Table of Subsidiary Risks and Remarks


In May 2011 the OPPSD Transportation Committee released its new "Guidance for Selecting Closures for Non-bulk Organic Peroxide Formulation Packagings."

In April 2011 OPPSD sponsored a meeting of the International Group of Experts on the Explosion Risks of Unstable Substances (IGUS). OPPSD released hightlights from that meeting.

On March 18, 2008, the OPPSD filed comments regarding the draft Screening Assessment Reports of the three organic peroxides summarized in Canada Gazette, Part I (dated January 19, 2008).

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