SPI Membership Value Proposition

As a member of SPI: The Plastics Industry Trade Association, your company belongs to the largest U.S. plastics industry trade association and the only organization that represents all four major segments of the industry: equipment manufacturers, material suppliers, processors and OEM/Brand Owners. Membership in SPI gives your company a voice in shaping the industry's future and a measurable return on investment in networking, advocacy and business opportunities that can only come from engagement with SPI.


Find out how SPI delivers $500,000 in ROI for:

SPI's product lines support your company's bottom line!


Public Policy advocacy protects your supply chain's active markets:

  • Keep your customers in business-join forces to combat product de-selection efforts.
  • Cut through government red tape-gain assistance in complying with health reform, OSHA, EPA and other regulations.
  • Sound off to your elected representatives-use SPI's grassroots tools to easily promote pro-plastics manufacturing policies to your representatives.
  • Access industry news and alerts-receive important updates on plastics issues via SPI's e-newsletter, members-only website, business blog and email bulletins.

Business development services, conferences and trade shows boost your bottom line:

  • Access emerging technologies and network with customers and suppliers at exclusive, SPI members-only conferences and events.
  • Learn the latest on specific business issues that impact your company through the Business of Plastics Webinar series.
  • Receive deep member discounts on SPI's industry reports, products and publications.
  • Access unparalleled services and cost-savings programs designed specifically for plastics businesses.

Communications, marketing and consumer outreach initiatives preserve and promote your business:

  • Utilize award-winning websites, blogs and newsletters that build public confidence in plastic products.
  • Tap into market studies and statistical reports that track key trends in plastics industry employment, shipments, productivity and international trade.
  • Influence policymakers on the importance of plastics manufacturing jobs to the U.S. economy.
  • Educate consumers with news and case studies of industry's contributions to society and sustainability through websites, Facebook, YouTube and other media channels.

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