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The following are for new members only. SPI membership dues are calculated on a pro-rated basis. For more information, please contact the SPI Membership Department at (202) 974-5212 or via email at  

Manufacturers With Sales in US

Full Member

  • Resin/Materials Supplier Manufacturers of raw materials, fillers, stabilizers, pigments and other components to form plastic products. 
  • Processor/Fabricator/Product Manufacturer Manufacturer of plastics products (injection molding, blow molding, thermoforming, extrusion, transfer molding, compression molding, etc.). 
  • Brand Owner Processes, purchases or uses plastics as a raw material or in finished form as part of any product that is sold or marketed in the United States to commercial or retail markets.
  • Recycler/Processor Manufacturer of products processed from plastics materials or combined and/or assembled with products made of non-plastics materials.
  • Recycler/Materials Supplier Material supplier who converts post-consumer or post-industrial plastics into resin pellet/flake or feedstock.
  • Machinery/Equipment Manufacturer Manufacturer of plastics machinery and components.
  • Moldmaker Manufacturers of plastic part molds.

Associate Member

  • Purchaser, Distributor, Manufacturer Rep., Industrial Service Provider Membership class includes: Purchasers/Distributors of plastics products for manufacturing components or resale or a manufacturers' representative; Provides industrial services (such as transportation firms, contract packagers, warehouses, etc.) to plastics industry companies.

Service Provider

Companies such as publishing, educational, research, consulting partnerships or corporations, etc., that devote a significant part of its efforts to the plastics industry, or renders professional services (including, among others, banks, insurance companies, software development, utilities and state economic development agencies).  Individuals engaged in educational, governmental, research or professional pursuits directly related to the development or utilization of plastics.

Foreign-Based Manufacturer

  • Associate Member – Manufacturer not based in the United States, with no U.S. sales.

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