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SPI Policy on Labor and Employment

SPI: The Plastics Industry Trade Association commends its members and the industry to provide their employees with competitive compensation packages and safe workplaces.  Governmental labor and employment policies must promote, not inhibit, flexibility, productivity and profitability so that manufacturers can compete in the global economy.  One-size-fits-all government mandates and cumbersome regulations add to overall  costs and hinder job creation instead of simplifying government requirements to promote and encourage growth and to provide predictability in the manufacturing sector. 
SPI supports legislative and regulatory policies that:  give employers the flexibility to develop compensation programs, benefit plans, leave policies and overall business plans best suited for the mutual needs of their companies and their employees; permit employers sufficient time to meet pension funding requirements so that large amounts of capital do not need to be diverted from other priorities; protect the democratic rights of all workers; and appropriately enforce existing workplace safety laws.

Approved by the SPI Board of Directors, September 17, 2010

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