SPI worker health and safety issues are addressed through the Worker Health and Safety Task Group of EHS+. All SPI members are eligible to participate in Task Group activities.

The mission of the EHS+ Worker Health and Safety Task Group is to provide information and tools for members to continuously improve their safety performance, and to provide input and direction on legislative and regulatory proposals.

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SPI conducts an annual Occupational Safety and Health Survey to collect statistical information of occupational illnesses and injuries in the plastics industry and to recognize those member work sites that have achieved a level of safety performance above the industry average. We invite you to participate in the Safety Statistics and Awards program.

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Special health, safety and compliance advisories are available for all plastics processors.

SPI and the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) developed training materials to assist in providing plastics industry employers with information and guidance that will help them protect employees, specifically in identifying and eliminating hazards likely to result in amputations, emphasizing machine guarding and lockout/tagout. The materials were developed under an alliance SPI and OSHA had to promote a safe and healthy work environment in plastics facilities.

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