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Plastic bags are 100% recyclable. Most are composed of low-density polyethylene, a type of plastic that is recycled differently than plastic bottles and other plastic products. Fortunately, most grocery stores and other retailers provide receptacles where consumers can easily deposit plastic bags, dry cleaning bags, bread bags and other product wrapping.

Educating and encouraging consumers to make environmentally-conscious decisions about plastic bags is a practical and preferable alternative to banning plastic bags altogether. When it comes to preventing litter and conserving our resources, regular recycling is a critical component of the solution.

Other Resources:

A Bag’s Life is an innovative and exciting operation that brings together communities, nonprofits and governments to promote reducing, reusing and recycling plastic bags. Resources on this site include tools for finding local recycling locations, holding a recycling event and connecting with others also focused on responsible plastic bag use.

Bag the Ban is a comprehensive and important resource that provides information regarding the benefits of plastic bag recycling, corrects common misconceptions about the environmental impact of plastics bags and delivers facts, figures and ideas for how local governments can be better informed on these issues.