Fri August 18, 2017

August 18, 2017 - Matt Seaholm, the executive director of the American Progressive Bag Alliance, released the following statement after this morning’s Minneapolis City Council hearing: 

“The American Progressive Bag Alliance, along with many Minneapolis residents who spoke up this week, applaud the Minneapolis City Council for rejecting a 5-cent fee on retail bags that is unprecedented in the city and state. The proposed ordinance would have levied a multi-million dollar tax on shoppers – without voter approval – and transferred all proceeds to corporations without providing even a penny for the environment or another public purpose.

If the retail bag fee in Minneapolis had passed, it would have also set a terrible precedent, essentially allowing the city to impose “fees” on any other retail product in the future. By rejecting this regressive proposal, the City Council made a decision that protects the city’s shoppers from being nickel and dimed at the checkout and, hopefully, shifts the conversation to responsible approaches for encouraging product reuse and recycling.”

About the American Progressive Bag Alliance (APBA)

The American Progressive Bag Alliance was founded in 2005 to represent the United States’ plastic bag manufacturing and recycling sector, and the 24,600 people who work for them. APBA promotes the responsible use, reuse, recycling and disposal of plastic bags and advocates for American-made plastic products as the best environmental choice at check out—for both retailers and consumers.

Media Contact: Emily Smith