Tue September 19, 2017

State Rep. Lee Chatfield (R-107) and State Sen. Wayne Schmidt (R-37) visted PLASTICS member Petoskey Plastics September 8 at their facility in northern Michigan. Rep. Chatfield was elected in 2014 to represent the northwest district, while Sen. Schmidt was elected to the Senate in the same year after first serving in the House for six years. Both serve on important committees in the legislature that have authority over policies that impact Petoskey Plastics.

Plant Manager Allan Hopkins provided an in-depth review of the company’s history and capabilities. Petoskey Plastics is well known for their engineered plastic film products that are customized to meet their customers’ needs such as seat protectors for automotive manufacturers. The company also prioritizes sustainable solutions by collecting post-consumer material and incorporating recycled material in their various products. Both Rep. Chatfield and Sen. Schmidt were impressed with the size and scope of their operations, and the advancements the company is making in the flexible film segment of the plastics industry.

Petoskey Plastics looks forward to working with their legislators in the future as the company continues to invest in manufacturing in Michigan.

Pictured from left: Executive Vice President Jason Keiswetter, State Senator Wayne Schmidt, Plant Manager Allan Hopkins, Speaker Pro Tempore for the Michigan House of Representatives Lee Chatfield, and Vice President of Operations Mike Holifield

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