The Plastics Industry Association (PLASTICS) is a dynamic organization with an ambitious team, striving for growth and success. Together we shape the direction of the entire plastics industry and as a job requirement, have some fun while doing so.  

Employees have the opportunity to grow, learn and impact both the industry and the inner workings of our association. We also encourage volunteerism—as a staff, we work to keep two blocks of K Street clean, and participate in river clean ups and recycling initiatives.  

We offer generous benefits including health, dental, vision and life insurance, competitive salaries and a 401(k) plan with employer match and contributions. We work hard, we play hard and we value a work-life blend. In fact, employees take personal time off at their own discretion.

Current job opportunities at PLASTICS are listed below.


  • Director, State Government Affairs

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    Reports to: Vice President Government Affairs
    Classification: Exempt
    Office Location: Washington, DC

    General Summary: Lead PLASTICS’ state government affairs. Develop positive proactive relationships with state government and private sector stakeholders. Work with PLASTICS members to develop policies on a broad range of state legislative and regulatory issues. Advocate PLASTICS positions at state and local levels. Manage activities related to development and expansion of grass roots advocacy. Develop and implement activities that establish PLASTICS’ as the organization representing the interests of the integrated plastics industry in the U.S.

    Essential Functions:

    • Build and maintain relationships with state government legislative and regulatory officials and their staffs to encourage communication of the industry’s issues and
    • Influence outcomes of government activities impacting the plastic industry in the U.S.
    • Maintain comprehensive knowledge of industry issues and provide analysis reports on related state and local level legislative and regulatory initiatives.
    • Formulate comprehensive proactive strategies and specific tactics to represent the interests of the association.
    • Work with the Vice President to provide program development, leadership and budget accountability on the association's public policy initiatives as they relate to state issues.
    • Supervise and manage the activities of the Manager, State Government Affairs.
    • Working with the Vice President, hire and manage activities of state and local consultants.
    • Serve as an association spokesperson on state public policy issues.
    • Establish a state political network; know when and who to call for specific issues.
    • Establish PLASTICS as the source for industry information by government officials and policymakers.
    • Work with communications department to inform members of state legislative and regulatory initiatives.
    • Maintain system for coordinating calls to action to PLASTICS members.
    • Implement a strategic plan that includes relationship building between local manufacturers and their legislative representatives.
    • Coordinate drafting and submission of comments on relevant state regulatory matters.
    • Identify and leverage activities with state based manufacturing associations through membership and support of their activities
    • Assist with plant tour programs.
    • Work with the Communications department to develop industry image documents.
    • Communicate and coordinate coalitions as required.
    • Serve on coalitions.
    • Work with Webmaster to maintain website content.
    • Other duties as assigned.
    • Have Fun in Your Job.

    Job Standards:

    • Staff member must adhere to all relevant PLASTICS policies and procedures.
    • Staff member is expected is expected to provide excellent customer service to members and other staff at all times.
    • Member communications – telephone, written, and oral – are all a central part of PLASTICS’ day-to-day business. Staff members will be expected to treat communications as a top priority.


    Internal: Interface with PLASTICS staff, members and counsel.
    External: Communicate with members of PLASTICS, federal and state legislative offices and regulatory agencies, consultants, media, and coalitions.

    Job Qualifications:

    Education: Bachelor’s degree required. Advanced degree in law, public policy or related field preferred.
    Experience: A minimum of eight years government or association experience. State legislative or local government experience a plus. Hands on policy development and lobbying experience required.
    Special Knowledge: Existing relationships with state government officials and their staff and other key organizations required. Knowledge of public policy issues required. Knowledge of manufacturing issues preferred. Strong understanding of legislative and regulatory procedures. Grass tops and grass roots mobilization experience.
    Core competencies: Team work, ethical behavior, ability to quickly and easily adjust to change and work under pressure, solution and customer-service orientation.
    Job competencies: Extensive knowledge of state government affairs processes. Ability to understand all components of an issue, effectively influence an outcome, and maintain excellent working relationships with policy makers and other stakeholders. Outstanding communications, presentation and computer skills.
    Ability to travel.

  • Manager, External Relations, APBA

    Download PDF of job description

    Reports to: Executive Director, APBA
    FLSA Classification: Exempt
    Office Location: Headquarters, Washington, DC
    Background: APBA is the trade association for a thriving and resourceful industry of plastic bag manufacturers and suppliers employing 25,000 American workers in more than 40 states. We proactively promote product lines and lead numerous public policy initiatives that serve as the frontline defense against plastic bag bans and taxes nationwide. The APBA is a part of the Plastics Industry Association.

    General Summary: The Manager, External Relations, will play an important role in member and public engagement. Along with preparing communications to members of the APBA, the manager will be tasked with stakeholder engagement throughout the country   

    Essential Functions:

    • Work with Executive Director and regional, state, and local consultants to engage stakeholders in areas of strategic importance.
    • Develop and distribute regular member communications that are thoughtful and engaging.
    • Work with internal and external public affairs and media relations teams to produce content and conduct necessary outreach to elected officials. 
    • Help defeat burdensome taxation and regulation while promoting an industry committed to sustainability, recycling, and creating manufacturing jobs in America.
    • Have fun in your job.


    • Internal: Staff, consultants, membership.
    • External: Local and state-level stakeholders and elected officials.  Industry coalitions and NGOs.

    Job Qualifications:   

    • Education: Bachelor’s degree required.
    • Experience: Two to four years of experience in communications, coalition management, or trade association role. Ability to think strategically and tactically. Understanding of how to assemble coalitions and build consensus.  Strong grasp of the lawmaking process at local and state levels.  
    • Core Competencies: Outstanding written and oral communications skills. Understanding of the legislative process.  Teamwork, ethical behavior, ability to quickly adjust to change and to work under pressure. Customer service orientation. Attention to detail is important, so please include your favorite color in the first line of your cover letter. Member communications -- written and oral -- are a central part of PLASTICS’s day-to-day business; staff member will be expected to treat member communications as a top priority. Ability to manage a variety of projects simultaneously.  Ability to travel.

    Please respond with a cover letter including salary requirements and your resume to