Development of Biobased Plastics Webinar

September 10, 2013


The SPI Bioplastics Council hosted a webinar which challenged the widely held perception that the biobased plastics industry is inextricably linked to and dependent on the emergence of a robust biorefining industry. The webinar:

  • Addressed important differences between today's world v. years ago when the petrochemicals industry was linked to and dependent on a petroleum refining industry whose major target were fuels.
  • Examined these differences from several angles and the implications which could have enabled biobased plastics to grow independently of biofuels.
  • Addressed the concept that a commercially viable scale for biobased plastics can be much smaller than a commercially viable scale for biofuels.
  • Discussed economic, societal and environmental challenges as the biobased plastics industry develops.
  • Provided an overview of industry-driven efforts to navigate toward a future with a more sustainable biobased plastics industry.

 View the white paper and press release here.

Date:    Tuesday, September 10
Time:    11am - 12pm (ET)
Pricing:    Free for members
   $299 for non-members

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