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District of Columbia is home to plastics manufacturers and establishments engaged in plastics processing, marketing, support and captive activities that directly employ 20 people. It is also home to a number of plastics dependent industries that use plastics to make products or provide services. Plastics and dependent industries combined employ 122 thousand people in District of Columbia.

Plastics Industry Employment

Plastics Dependent Industries and Total Employment

Total Plastics Industry and Dependent Industries: 122,400 employees.


The plastics industry’s direct payroll in District of Columbia, including captive plastic products, is $1 million. Plastics dependent industries add another $6.2 billion to the state’s payroll.

Although some of the dependent payroll would exist without plastics, there would be less of it, because cost effective replacements for plastics are not available in many applications.


Together, plastics companies and the industries that depend on plastics contribute $1.63 billion in state and federal personal income taxes, and $0.87 billion in payroll (FICA) taxes.


Plastics industry shipments in District of Columbia totaled nearly $19.72395334 million in 2016.

State Shipments

National Shipments