October 20, 2022

Düsseldorf, Germany – The Plastics Industry Association (PLASTICS) will provide an executive briefing at the K Show plastics and rubber trade fair, featuring presentations by members of the PLASTICS executive leadership team.

Matt Seaholm, President and CEO, will present an overview on the state of the plastics industry association and the work PLASTICS is doing to represent the Industry:  

“There have been many exciting developments at the Plastics Industry Association this year and the future is looking bright. The 2022 Global Trends report anticipates positive results for our industry, and speaks to the importance of plastics to the world we live in. Our members are manufacturing the materials, equipment, and products that improve lives throughout the world and working hard to create a more circular economy through incredible innovations. PLASTICS’ renewed strategy and priorities will only improve our work on behalf of the industry we represent.”

Matt Seaholm, President and CEO, Plastics Industry Association (PLASTICS)

Dr. Perc Pineda, Chief Economist, will offer highlights from the 2022 Global Trends report, including:

  • The U.S. plastics industry had an $18.2 billion trade deficit with China, its third-largest export market. This was, however, offset in part by an $2.6 billion resin trade surplus with China, the world’s largest resin buyer and a large importer of U.S.- produced resins.
  • According to Global Trends, Mexico and Canada remained the U.S. plastics industry’s largest export markets. In 2021, the industry exported $18.0 billion to Mexico and $15.0 billion to Canada, maintaining its largest trade surplus—$10.8 billion—with Mexico.

“Inflation was a big factor in the increases in the dollar value of exports and imports of plastics trade. While this year’s merchandise trade outlook could miss the forecast, as the global economic growth slowed, the world is still the market for the plastics industry.”

Perc Pineda, Ph.D., Chief Economist, Plastics Industry Association (PLASTICS)

Glenn Anderson, COO, will provide a summary of preparations for the NPE2024 trade show:

“Having served as chair for NPE2018, I can share with confidence that we’re preparing a rewarding, productive, unforgettable experience for NPE2024 attendees. More than twenty-thousand companies will be participating in NPE2024, and our seven Technology Zones will focus on the latest technologies, newest materials, and most sophisticated processes available today.”

Glenn Anderson, COO, Plastics Industry Association (PLASTICS)

The Plastics Industry Association (PLASTICS) is the only organization that supports the entire plastics supply chain, representing nearly one million workers in the $468 billion U.S. industry. Since 1937, PLASTICS has been working to make its members and the industry more globally competitive while advancing recycling and sustainability through education initiatives, industry-leading insights and events, networking opportunities and policy advocacy, including the largest plastics trade show in the Americas, NPE2024: The Plastics Show.