The Plastics Industry's Student Video Contest

SPI: The Plastics Industry Trade Association and The Future of Plastics Foundation are proud to present another great opportunity for undergraduate and graduate students. The 2014 Student Video Contest proved to be the most successful iteration to date, with ten submissions from eight schools across the country. The theme of "Innovating in the 21st Century" took a fresh look at plastics as the material of choice as we dive head first into future innovations.

Why Plastics?

The plastics innovations that have had an impact on daily life are quite literally beyond measure. Today’s smartphones were impossible a mere decade ago, and without plastics would be impossible today. Virtually every plastic device or item taken for granted today, from a toothbrush to a complex life-saving medical device, was in the realm of science fiction when your parents were your age. Plastics provided the innovation platform necessary to turn these ideas into reality.

The Details

Students are asked to produce a 2-4 minute video with a team (or alone) that explores the future of the plastics industry in the 21st century in the areas of innovation, design freedom and the economics of plastics. Submissions are judged on creativity, originality and the effectiveness to which the video promotes innovation in the plastics industry.


First Place: An all expenses paid trip* for the winning team to NPE2015 in Orlando, Florida - the premier event for the entire plastics industry! Visit for more information about the show.

Second Place: $5,000 to the winning team.

Third Place: $3,500 to the winning team.

*Limit 5 people. Incidentals not included.



Past Winners

2014: First Place

"The Future of Plastics"

Alireza Bidar, Mina Vali Zadeh and Reza Bidar
Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD)


2014: Second Place

"Plastics: Shaping the Future"

Zarif Farhana
University of Massachusetts-Lowell


2014: Third Place

"Impact of Plastics on Society"

Stephen Levy
Penn State Erie, The Behrend College



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Thank you to all who entered into the 2014 Student Video Contest. The selected winners are shown below.


Thank you to our sponsors of the 2014 SPI Student Video Competition:

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