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PLASTICS Recycling Committee

The Recycling Committee represents Plastics Industry Association (PLASTICS) members across the association’s four councils, bringing equipment makers, brand owners, processors and material suppliers together to align their efforts to put recycling at the forefront of their businesses. 

PLASTICS is uniquely positioned in the recycling discussion as we represent the entire plastics supply chain. The PLASTICS Recycling Committee is working to identify and expand end-use opportunities for recycled plastics, by working from a place of identified need and demand for recycled content.

Key Committee Activities

The Recycling Committee has a number of exciting activities underway, including:

  • Innovative demonstration projects for recovering new streams of plastics.
  • Industry sustainability benchmarking.
  • marketplace.
  • Zero Net Waste recognition program.
  • Ongoing collaboration and partnership with external organizations, such as the Recycling Partnership.
  • Valuable informational webinars.
  • Projects and programs supported by stakeholders from across the plastics supply chain.

Recycling Committee Resources

Zero Net Waste Program

PLASTICS helps educate companies on how they can turn their waste into valuable resources, or eliminate waste altogether. Using the tools offered through PLASTICS’ Zero Net Waste program, manufacturers learn how to divert up to 90 percent of their total waste away from the landfill, engage employees in environmental efforts and avoid landfill costs and generate revenue by recycling. 

Materials Recovery for the Future (MRFF)

MRFF is a research collaboration that brings together leading brands, manufacturers, packaging companies, trade associations and other key members of the value chain who are committed to finding solutions for better recovery of flexible packaging and films. Phase I of research is complete and shows that today’s automated sorting technologies can be optimized to capture flexible plastic packaging—potentially creating a new stream of recovered materials while improving the quality of other recycling streams. Download this Report

Centralized Study on Availability of Recycling for Beverage Containers

PLASTICS participated in a study commissioned by the Sustainable Packaging Coalition, 2015-16 Centralized Study on Availability of Recycling for Beverage Containers. The study identifies the prevalence of recycling programs that accept beverage containers, including PET bottles/jugs & jars, aluminum beverage cans, glass beverage bottles and cartons. The findings on PET showed that a majority of the country, 92 percent of the U.S. population, can recycle PET bottles/jugs & jars. Download this Report.

Sustainability Benchmarking Tool

PLASTICS’ Sustainability Benchmarking Tool is a self-reporting tool provided to our members to report data needed to tell a positive environmental story. Every PLASTICS member is asked to participate in this effort. Our advocacy at PLASTICS is based on sound science, and science is based on data. We need your help to turn our anecdotal discussion on sustainability into data-driven policy. Participating will afford your company a number of benefits, including:

  • Undertaking an inventory of sustainability activities, if your company has not yet done this,
  • Generating varying levels of reports to share with customers, and
  • Identifying areas of success and opportunities for improvement. 
2015 Sustainability Progress Report

The information from the 2015 Sustainability Benchmarking Survey gives us the data we need to tell a positive environmental story and shape the conversations about our industry. Download this Report

Unlocking the EPS Recovery Potential: Technologies Enabling Efficient Collection and Recovery

This paper offers the industry a glimpse into the various streams of expanded polystyrene (EPS) available for recovery today, and the technologies available to process this material into a valuable feed stream for a growing range of end markets. Download this Report

Compatibilizers: Creating New Opportunity for Mixed Plastics

This whitepaper outlines the roles of compatibilizer additives in plastics, the opportunities and challenges associated with their use, and provides a guide on commercially-available compatibilizers. Download this Report.

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