Take Action for Plastics (TAP): SPI's New Online Advocacy Tool

Educating government representatives about the tremendous importance of plastics – to our economy, to employment, to the many ways we live our lives – is critical to the survival of U.S. plastics manufacturing. When you call or write your elected leaders to reinforce the plastics industry’s voice on important pieces of legislation, it is usually the difference that carries us to a winning result.

“Take Action for Plastics” is SPI’s state-of-the art communications tool that makes it easy for you to monitor and contact your state and federal policymakers. This interactive online resource also allows SPI to mobilize the  industry quickly and “TAP” into the collective power of plastics. SPI can alert you if and when your company will be impacted by pending legislation so you can then weigh in to leverage our industry’s collective strength. Furthermore, you can look up information about your legislators, get the latest news on legislation we are following, and provide feedback to SPI staff on issues of importance to you.

Be a Plastics Champion! Click here to “TAP” into this powerful new grassroots advocacy resource!  

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