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The Plastics Industry Association (PLASTICS) Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Packaging Materials Committee (FDCPMC) is a public policy committee made up of company representatives from all segments of the plastics industry.

All plastic packaging is tested to ensure that it effectively protects both the product it contains and the health and safety of the end user. The regulatory environment that governs plastic packaging used to protect food, pharmaceuticals and cosmetics is particularly thorough, and rightfully so. 

The FDCPMC works to support this regulatory environment, facilitating meetings between officials and members of the industry, and working to harmonize policies to support economic growth and global trade; while ensuring the safety of the world’s food and drug supply.

The FDCPMC brings company representatives together to:

- Discuss and exchange knowledge on international regulatory developments, compliance and customer assurance. This is done through regular web and teleconferences, e-mail dialogue, as well as semi-annual technical conferences.

- Work directly with officials at U.S. FDA and counterpart regulatory agencies around the world, that regularly call on the FDCPMC as a primary source of industry expertise and data to support the refinement of global food packaging regulations.

- Formulate advocacy strategies that promote the use of sound science and good public policy toward fair regulation of packaging and non-packaging components of food, drugs, personal care products, toys and medical devices.

- Host a biennial International Symposium on Worldwide Regulation of Food Packaging that brings together global regulators, technical experts and industry leaders for focused and intimate discussion on overcoming regulatory obstacles to global marketing of food packaging materials.


  • Current Projects

    The Food Packaging Coalition unites trade associations and companies that represent the full supply chain for food packaging in the U.S. The coalition advocates for effective science-based policy that protects public health and the environment and promotes innovation of packaging technologies to preserve and protect the global food supply. PLASTICS serves as the secretariat for this coalition.

    Project Passport is a collection of resources, available free as a service to the industry, that provide companies with a more effective way to communicate product safety and compliance information about packaging raw materials, components and articles moving through the food supply chain.  It creates a recognizable and adaptable system whereby regulatory information can be transmitted to buyers, processors, brand owners and officials. 

    The Government Affairs Subcommittee is compiling recommendations for U.S. FDA to update and strengthen the Food Contact Notification (FCN) program through revisions to implementing guidance, enhanced communication among FCN reviewers and notifiers, and knowledge exchange on packaging materials innovations.

    The International Subcommittee promotes the development of science-based regulations for food-contact materials that are aligned across global jurisdictions. The Subcommittee currently has work groups participating in regulatory consultations in China, India, Japan, and MERCOSUR.

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  • Publications and Event Proceedings

    PLASTICS members may access all FDCPMC work products and event proceedings and provide contributions to documents under development by contacting Brad Hoppe to request a login for the FDCPMC SmartSheet account.