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2021 Plastics Industry Virtual Fly-In: Top Ten Reasons Why You Have to Participate

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The Race to the Bottom: Which State Can Develop the Most Onerous Plastics Policy?

Each new legislative season brings with it new forms of anti-plastic policies. This year is no different with old reliable California getting some competition from Virginia of all places for which state can inconvenience and punish their citizens the most in the name of “environmentalism”.

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Partnership and Perseverance Pays: Major Revision to Michigan’s Plastic Molding Standard

For those who sell or operate horizontal clamp injection molding machines in the state of Michigan, the mechanical device–also called a “drop bar” or “jam bar”–is no longer required by MIOSHA. However, it remains an option under its General Industry Safety and Health Standard Part 62 Plastic Molding (“Part 62”). Importantly, it remains a requirement for vertical clamp injection molding machines under Part 62 and industry standards.

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