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Infrastructure Spending and Possibly More is On the Way

John Grant, Director, Government Affairs

The longest week in history has finally come to an end--Infrastructure week officially wrapped up on Monday when President Joe Biden signed H.R. 3684, the INVEST in American Act (also known as “bipartisan infrastructure deal”) after months-long negotiations and a political battle of wills in Congress. The infrastructure package ($550 billion in new spending and over $1 trillion total cost) is one piece of President Biden’s agenda with an additional $1.75 trillion Build Back Better (BBB) bill still working through the budget reconciliation process and being negotiated in Congress.

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New Jersey – What’s Coming Down the Jersey (Turn)Pike?

Danielle Fortunato, Director, State Government Affairs

A state with much history and an always interesting reputation. It’s the birthplace of Frank Sinatra, the modern-day zipper, the “The Boss” Bruce Springsteen, and for the first time in 40 years, the home of a Democratic governor who successfully won re-election. Governor Phil Murphy pulled out the win, albeit by a razor-thin margin that the Democrats absolutely did not anticipate.

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New York – Even local elections can have a big impact on state politics.

Danielle Fortunato, Director, State Government Affairs

Let’s jump across the Hudson River over to New York. While it wasn’t a state-wide general election, some local elections painted a very heavily red picture of the status of political leanings in some parts of the Empire State, most notably in my hometown neck of the woods of Long Island. There were upsets in county executive races, county legislative races, and both counties’ District Attorney races.

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Virginia – The Old Dominion Sees Big Republican Gains

Shannon Crawford, Director, State Government Affairs

Now let’s take a trip down south to the Old Dominion. In a stunning victory, (which seemed unlikely just six weeks ago) Republican Glenn Youngkin won the Governorship in Virginia. Republicans also won the Lt. Governorship, Attorney General, and regained control of the House of Delegates. To give a little context for those unfamiliar with Virginia politics, the Commonwealth has not elected a Republican Governor since 2009 and has been a reliable win for the Democrats in national elections, so this election portends some significant changes in the Old Dominion.

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U.S. and EU Resolve Tariff Dispute on Steel and Aluminum Imports

Suzanne Morgan, Senior Director, Government Affairs & Grassroots Advocacy

Negotiations between the U.S. and the European Union (EU) over tariffs on imported steel and aluminum concluded with the Biden Administration agreeing to allow a predetermined amount of EU exports into the U.S. duty-free but did not include a complete removal of the tariffs. The announcement came during the G-20 Summit in Rome on October 30. The agreement was presented as both good for trade and good for climate change.

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“Lottery Determines Next Steps for OSHA’s COVID-19 ETS”

Marie Gargas, Senior Technical Director, Regulatory Affairs

As expected, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) got a second Emergency Temporary Standard (ETS) for COVID-19 through regulatory review. Even less surprising, it was met with mixed reactions and legal challenges that led to a court ordering enforcement on hold. What happened next, where might it go and what can you do?

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