Mon January 8, 2018

Industrial Heater Corp. welcomed State Senator Joe Markley on December 12 at their Cheshire, CT facility and headquarters. This tour followed a visit by Representative Liz Linehan earlier this year. President Tad McGwire, and his son, Tom McGwire, vice president of business development, were on hand to welcome the senator.

Industrial Heater Corp.’s history dates back to the 1920s. The company manufactures heating elements for a variety of applications like textile drying and numerous plastic industry operations. The company was originally headquartered in New York before moving to Connecticut. Over the years, the company has found ways to specialize in more effective heating solutions, and capitalize on other sheet metal fabrication opportunities. Now, the company’s products are used in plastics injection molding and extrusion processing equipment around the world.

Senator Markley is a native of the Southington area. His familiarity with the people, economics and culture of the region first guided him to elected office in the state Senate in 1984. After a hiatus, he returned to the seat in 2010. He was happy to stop by and learn about Industrial Heater Corp.’s operations.

Tad and Tom first spoke with the Senator about the company’s early beginnings and their move to Connecticut. During the plant tour, they were able to highlight the intricate details that go into manufacturing high-tech, important and reliable heating elements for their customers. Tom shared with Senator Markley the job opportunities the company has to offer, and the skillset required to manufacture heating equipment. Following the tour, Senator Markley spoke more about Connecticut politics and expectations for the upcoming legislative session.

“It was a pleasure meeting with Senator Markley and showing him our facility," said Tom McGwire after the tour. "His family also has deep roots in manufacturing so he was really able to understand the issues we face here in Connecticut. We look forward to working with him in the future.”

From left: Senator Markley, Tom McGwire, Tad McGwire following the tour.