Tue April 2, 2019

WASHINGTON, D.C.—Plastics Industry Association (PLASTICS) Interim President & CEO Patty Long:

“In 2018 the estimated total value of plastics industry shipments crossing the U.S.-Mexico border in both directions was more than $28 billion. That’s approximately $78 million worth of economic activity every day, just from the plastics industry. If things continue the way they did for the U.S. and Mexican plastics industries in the first quarter of 2019, that figure will be even higher this year.

Even a temporary closure of the U.S.-Mexico border will harm the economic well-being of the plastics industry here in the U.S. and in Mexico, jeopardizing operations and putting the jobs of plastics workers at risk. Even more damaging is the uncertainty that such a move would create— disrupting short-term operations and creating doubt for the customers of American companies who need to know that their supply lines won’t be impacted by government action. Global competitors would no doubt capitalize on the opportunity to convert our customers to more stable suppliers overseas. 

The plastics industry strongly discourages closing the border and urges the Trump Administration to prioritize the free-flow of commerce and the economic security of U.S. manufacturers when it comes to our relationship with Mexico.”