Fri May 12, 2017

An Executive Order signed by President Trump on March 31, 2017, called for a review of all trade agreements in force by several federal departments and agencies. Interested parties had the opportunity to submit written comments to the Department of Commerce as part of the analysis process. PLASTICS was pleased to submit positive data on U.S. plastics industry trade surpluses with FTA partners as well as U.S. employment statistics. Authored by Perc Pineda, PLASTICS chief economist, information was provided in three parts: trade with the rest of the world; aggregate trade with U.S. free trade agreement (FTA) partners, and trade with U.S. FTA partners by major product categories. The collective information submitted will be used by the Administration to complete its report within 90 days of the signing of the Executive Order to present its findings on the causes of trade deficits with a plan to improve trade enforcement and the collection of import taxes.