Thu June 22, 2017

President Trump signed an executive order June 15 to expand apprenticeships and vocational training while reducing the regulatory burdens on workforce development programs. The executive order allows third parties like trade associations and companies to design their own apprenticeship programs instead of apprenticeship programs being developed by the Department of Labor (DOL) under government guidelines. The third parties will set their own metrics for success and submit them to DOL for approval. The Departments of Labor and Commerce will work in collaboration to promote apprenticeships to business leaders in critical industry sectors like manufacturing.

The order also directs that apprenticeship programs are to be incorporated into education programs in community and technical colleges as well as in two- and four-year higher education institutions. Under the order, the amount of money for apprenticeship grants is more than doubled from $90 million to nearly $200 million per year by shifting money allocated for current job-training programs into apprenticeships.