Tue March 20, 2018

Representative Brian Babin (R-TX-36) recently introduced H.R. 5310, the Municipal Infrastructure Savings and Transparency Act. As introduced, H.R. 5310 will require that all qualifying material that otherwise meets relevant engineering standards must be considered for construction projects receiving federal money.

As it stands today, most communities across the country do not allow plastics to be considered in their water infrastructure projects. The reasons vary, though the collective understanding is that the other material has been around longer and has established itself among engineers and project leaders. These construction codes exist despite studies showing that when plastic is allowed to compete on a project, it delivers an average savings of around 30 percent to the funding government (regardless of whether or not plastic is the final choice).

The Municipal Infrastructure Savings and Transparency Act levels the playing field and requires that all materials be considered when federal tax dollars are at stake. At the same time, the bill makes clear that any final decision on a material is up to the project engineer.

PLASTICS has been meeting with leaders on Capitol Hill about this subject for more than a year now, including repeatedly with Rep. Babin. We welcome the bill’s common-sense approach and are grateful to the Members of Congress who understand that everyone wins when plastics are allowed to compete on a level playing field. PLASTICS will continue to provide updates on the progress of this legislation, the text of which can be found here.