Andre Adams is the Sr. Product Manager for Cumberland of ACS Group and has been with the company since February of 2019. He is currently in charge of the Size Reduction and Material Handling value streams. Prior to ACS, Andre's experience and background is in mechanical engineering and product management. Andre is an alumni of Gateway Technical College and is continuing his education at Arizona State University. Currently, Andre is also the sub-committee chair for the Technology and Equipment council as part of the PLASTICS Recycling Executive board.

He is responsible for plastics auxiliary equipment such as granulators, shredders and feedrolls in addition to blending, conveying and drying equipment. As a Sr. Product Manager, Andre relies heavily on strong business acumen skills, forward thinking and cross-functional team work to develop innovative solutions for the plastics industry.

A large part of Andre’s focus has been on connecting these technologies to sustainability efforts and circular economy pressures by modeling plastics processes as they relate to auxiliary equipment. These types of analyses reveal opportunities to mitigate factors such as carbon footprint, power consumption and increase recycled content while quantifying economic and environmental impacts.