Sabrina has 12+ years of consulting and management experience, working with clients in pursuit of various environmental, sustainability and performance objectives, including support with sustainable certification and standards, ESG inventory and verification, and development of high-performance strategies for buildings and operations. Sabrina leads program and services development and has engaged project stakeholders and multi-disciplinary teams in various industries to achieve sustainability initiatives or as an independent verifier.

Consulting on various aspects of strategic sustainable development, Sabrina embodies exceptional knowledge and management skills related to sustainability projects. Her responsibilities include directing a team of practitioners and delivery of technical excellence in environmental claims and sustainable certifications. Whether for a specific product or material or a company’s operations and activities, Sabrina’s brings a holistic approach that connects project requirements and cost efficiencies to meaningfully advance our client’s goals. Highlights include specialties in energy efficiency and conservation measures, GHG emissions inventory and verification, pollution prevention, reporting assurance, life cycle assessment, sustainable procurement, compliance with building or product certifications, operational efficiencies and program development.

Sabrina’s success in project delivery is highlighted by her integrative approach to sustainable development, data collection and analysis, and engaging effectively with stakeholders across diverse sectors globally.