Wylie Royce is Executive Vice President of Royce Global, and a partner and director of Royce International. Royce Global, celebrating its 89th Anniversary, is a global supplier and manufacturer of color concentrates, masterbatches, functional additive masterbatches and liquid color dispersions to the plastics. Royce specializes in providing products to plastic processors in the food and cosmetic packaging industries, as well as paper and textile dyes and specialty chemicals to several other industries. Royce International is a supplier and manufacturer of epoxy resins, hardeners, diluents and specialty chemicals used in the coatings, construction, electronics and aerospace industries.

Wylie is chairman of the Plastics Industry Association and treasurer of the Food Drug and Cosmetic Packaging Materials Committee. He is a board member of the Foodservice Packaging Institute (FPI), as well as a member of Health Beauty America’s Technical Advisory Board.

He has been named a permanent member of International Who’s Who in Business Professionals, Who’s Who among rising young Americans and Interesting Personalities of America. Wylie regularly speaks on subjects relating to plastics in food, drug and cosmetic packaging, sustainability as well as the international business climate and its effect on products, particularly packaging products produced in and imported into the US.

He authored “Navigating the Turbulent Waters of Global Colorant Regulations,” as well as “Emerging Strategies for Sustainable Packaging, Balancing Materials, Design and Appearance” which will be published in the 9th Edition of Harry’s Book of Cosmeticology, long considered the defining reference book for cosmetic manufacturers and packagers.

Wylie holds a US Patent in a proprietary method utilizing electron beam modification of resin to create marbleized colorant effects for injection-molded products.