PLASTICS hosted #BetterWorldOnEarthDay, a pre-Earth Day Twitter chat with experts in sustainability, including Heather Caliendo of Plastics Technology, Jeff Wooster of Dow Chemical, Kim Holmes of PLASTICS, Envision Plastics and the Sustainable Packaging Coalition.

During the chat, PLASTICS posed the questions below to spark discussion about sustainability, innovations in plastics and promoting a better world. Click the links below to see highlights of the conversation:

Q1: What are the top three sustainability priorities for your company?
Q2:  What are some of the most exciting trends or innovations in recycling that can help promote a better world?
Q3: What do you think is the greatest innovation in plastic that helps drive sustainability?
Q4: What is one action that people can take in their everyday lives to improve the environment and promote a better world?
Q5: How is your company promoting a better world on Earth Day?