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    • This Is Plastics

      Recycle to Be a Job Creator

      The economic impact that consumers have when they toss their bottles into their blue bins and haul them out to the curb every week is routinely overlooked. Recycling has an environmental impact for sure, but it also makes a difference in the lives of workers who are the lifeblood of the recycling and plastics industries. Put simply, your bottle means jobs.
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      A New Study May Make Conversations about Plastics Easier

      Has this happened to you? You’re at a dinner party or family gathering or neighborhood get-together. Someone asks you what you do. A conversation about plastics ensues. And you struggle to find a really simple way to explain plastics’ many benefits and contributions to sustainability.
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      The Growing Role of Plastics in Construction and Building

      Go to just about any construction or job site around the world and you will find the building blocks architects have used for centuries: metals, wood, stone and masonry. But take a closer look at the new home being built in your neighborhood or the commercial building taking shape in your city, and a comparatively new building tool emerges: plastics and plastics derivatives.
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      The Most Plastics-Centric Manufacturing Day Ever Helped Change the Public’s Perception of Manufacturing (and Plastics)

      On Manufacturing Day 2015, at least 35 plastics facilities hosted tours and educational events across the country. At seven facilities alone (The Rodon Group, AMA Plastics, Parkinson Technologies, Inc., Toshiba Machine, Yushin America, Wittmann-Battenfeld and MR Mold) more than 600 people attended events, tours and information sessions focused on the great career opportunities that plastics manufacturing offers young job seekers.
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      Plastics Enhance Delivery of Medical Care

      The plastics industry is positioned to play a significant role in the healthcare and medical device space as the demand for services and single-use products grows in conjunction with the graying population, a study released by SPI: The Plastics Industry Trade Association said.
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      Proper Use of Plastics in the Microwave is Safe

      In recent weeks, mainstream media outlets have carried articles suggesting that microwaving plastics could be dangerous. As the leading association in plastics manufacturing, it is incumbent upon us to help clarify information about using plastic food containers or wraps in microwaves.