By Heather Nortz
Manager, Sustainability and Materials
Plastics Industry Association

Another one for the books – our Bioplastics Week 2022 social media campaign was a great success! Our goal each year is to provide a variety of educational information about bioplastics to those both within and outside our immediate audience of PLASTICS members. With 5 non-member organizations directly involved in sharing the #BioplasticsWeek hashtag in their posts, and the 13 informative video interviews we posted, Bioplastics Week content was able to be seen by 2 million individuals. Here's just a snippet of what they saw...

Bio and fossil-based plastics are complementary products, each providing their own unique characteristics that make them better suited for certain applications. To kick off #BioplasticsWeek, we gave examples of the cases in which bioplastics provide a great solution. 

Day 2 of #BioplasticsWeek was dedicated to debunking some common misconceptions around bioplastics. Some of the common myths we hear most often?  Bioplastics do not have the same performance capability as fossil-based plastic. Bioplastics do not contribute to lowering the carbon footprint of a plastic product. Bioplastics will disrupt food resources available for human consumption. PLASTICS and a few industry partners addressed each one of these myths and more in our social posts.

Our members make exceptionally cool bioplastic products! And while we didn’t have time to feature them all, during Day 3 of #BioplasticsWeek we were able to highlight bioplastic products you see and use every day from Avient, BASF, Eastman, Mitsubishi Chemical, Novamont, European Bioplastics member EarthFirst, and our 2022 Innovation in Bioplastics Award winner, Anellotech.

On Monday, September 12, President Biden issued an executive order on Advancing Biotechnology and Biomanufacturing Innovation for a Sustainable, Safe, and Secure American Bioeconomy – very fitting for Bioplastics Week.

On the final day of Bioplastics Week 2022, we revisited some of the information posted earlier in the week and  reiterated some of the main themes we hope people walked away with. Such as, bioplastics are an aspirational, fun, and interesting alternative and complement to fossil-based plastic. The players in this industry are committed to innovation, developing new bioplastic products and technologies all of the time.

See you for the next #BioplasticsWeek in 2023!

To stay up to date on when the nomination period opens for the 2023 Innovation in Bioplastics Award, email Heather Nortz at or mark your calendar to visit this webpage in Spring, 2023.