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As you know, the plastics industry faced unprecedented legislative pressure in 2019, and the pressure will continue when the 2020 legislative sessions begins in January.  To prepare for these discussions, many of which will revolve around funding mechanism for recycling, we are offering members an in-depth webinar that explores the various frameworks for producer responsibility around the world.  This webinar will serve as a foundation for the important policy option discussions we’ll be having with our members leading up the 2020 legislative session. During this 2 hour webinar, Victor Bell, the leading expert on funding mechanisms for packaging recovery, will offer a landscape analysis of both voluntary stewardship frameworks and extended producer responsibility programs from around the globe.

This webinar will explore: 

-  Full vs. Shared Responsibility 
-  Competitive v. Noncompetitive Schemes
-  For-profit v. Not-for-profit
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