The 2020 Size & Impact report, detailing the plastics industry's contributions to the U.S. economy and providing an industry forecast, is now available for download. Join the Plastics Industry Association (PLASTICS) for a webinar announcing the results of the 2020 Size & Impact Report, which features exclusive new data on U.S. plastics manufacturing, plastics industry employment in the U.S., and an expert economic forecast.

Find the answers to these important questions:

- How big is the plastics industry? 
- How does it compare with other industries? 
- How fast is it growing? 
- Where is it concentrated in the U.S.? 
- How does it affect the rest of the economy? 
- What is the outlook for the industry?

According to the latest data, plastics, the eighth largest industry domestically, accounts for more than one million jobs in the U.S. and $432.0 billion in shipments. PLASTICS' Chief Economist, Perc Pineda, PH.D., also analyzes the effects of COVID-19, providing three possible scenarios for the future of plastics, and shares more information critical to planning your business. Don't miss out on this great opportunity to actualize high-level market analysis!


Tony Radoszewski


Perc Pineda, Ph.D.

Chief Economist | PLASTICS

Brendan Thomas

Vice President, Advocacy & Voice