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Companies in the plastics industry offer their employees career opportunities in every field you can imagine. Whether it’s engineering, skilled labor, strategic management, communications, marketing, logistics or any other organizational function, the plastics industry offers job seekers and professionals of all ages the opportunity to be part of a team that supports an industry on the cutting edge of innovation.

To support young people about to enter the workforce, as well as those professionals just starting out in plastics, the Plastics Industry Association (PLASTICS) created its Future Leaders in Plastics (FLiP) group, which serves plastics professionals under the age of 40. FLiP's mission is to provide young professionals in the plastics industry the exposure, education and resources they need to build a lifelong career in plastics, with the broader goal of ensuring the continued growth in size and sophistication of plastics manufacturing and its workforce.

  • Provides opportunities and education to young professionals in the plastics industry.
  • Helps young plastics workers develop their careers and their involvement with PLASTICS.
  • Encourages other young people to consider a career in the plastics industry.
  • Hosts quarterly meetings to ensure continued progress on the group’s initiatives and welcome new members.
  • Facilitates networking for young professionals both among their peers and among tenured executives in the plastics industry.
  • FLiP Activities
    FLiP has several ongoing programs and initiatives, each of which is managed by a task group comprised of FLiP members. To join FLiP and get involved with any or all of these programs, email Katie Masterson or connect with us on LinkedIn!
    • FLiP Mentorship Program: Looking to connect with an established, experienced mentor in the plastics industry but don’t know here to start? The FLiP Mentorship Program puts all of FLiP’s resources at your fingertips. Email
    • Social Media
      The FLiP Files: A blog series highlighting FLiP members, their stories and what they love about building their career in the plastics industry. Read more here.
      FLiP LinkedIn Group: Connect with other plastics professionals in FLiP’s online forum, post questions and discussions or connect with people attending upcoming industry events.
    • Manufacturing Day: Manufacturing (MFG) Day is an annual, nationwide event where companies promote career opportunities in manufacturing by opening their doors to local students and job seekers. FLiP’s MFG Day task group promotes participation among member companies and equips other companies with the tools they need to make the most of their MFG Day events.
    • NPE2018: The Plastics Show: FLiP hosts a FLiP-N-Sip reception exclusively for young plastics professionals and coordinates networking opportunities throughout PLASTICS’ signature trade show, NPE.
  • FLiP Mentorship Program

    This is a mentorship program that pairs interested young professionals (under the age of 40) with more tenured plastics industry professionals in a mutually beneficial relationship.

    Program Goal

    To provide a way for industry members to learn more about the plastics industry, develop their professional skills and better serve within their role through the help of other more experienced and accomplished industry professionals.


    6 months, but hopefully forming a relationship that will last much longer.

    Time commitment

    About 10 hours, but it’s really up to you. Typically pairs set up a monthly call and try to meet in-person at least once.

    Why participate?

    Rewards for all participants include:

    • Develop leadership skills
    • Foster lasting friendships
    • Network and community involvement
    • Share mutual interests
    • Sharpen communication skills
    • Learn from each other and see different perspectives
    • Objective feedback on skills

    Interested? Email Leslie Schmiesing, Manager, Business Development, by Friday, February 23rd to apply.

    "You want to take any opportunity you can to understand things from a diverse perspective."

    - Maureen Steinwall, Steinwall, Inc. (Mentor)

    "Those coming in need to know what made the current leaders so successful while the current leaders need to know how to pass the torch on to someone  different than they are."

    Annina Donaldson, Maxi-Blast (Mentee)

    "I didn’t have to worry about talking to someone who didn’t understand where I was coming from or fear I was oversharing since we are in different sectors."

    Lucas Shaffchick, Shawnee Chemical (Mentee)

    "It’s nice to speak with someone who has worked through some similar challenges and come out the other end, especially when working for a smaller company, where you may not have that relationship or perspective in your own company that you can easily tap into."

    Aline Alroy, High-Technology Corp. (Mentor)

    Please note: The FLiP/PLASTICS Mentorship Program is not to be used as a recruitment nor employment tool.