PLASTICS Releases Statement on Biased Minderoo Report

May 18, 2021

WASHINGTON – The Plastics Industry Association (PLASTICS) today responded to a new report from the Minderoo Foundation: The Plastic Waste Makers Index. The Minderoo Foundation is funded in part by one of the world’s largest suppliers of iron ore. Common misconceptions perpetuated by biased studies such as this are addressed at

“This biased study – funded by the iron ore industry – simply does not pass the smell test. Objective study after objective study has made clear that plastic has lower greenhouse gas emissions when compared to alternative materials across a wide variety of applications. Suggesting the banning or elimination of specific products or applications without understanding the full lifecycle impact of the alternatives to plastic is irresponsible and could have unintended adverse environmental consequences, such as higher greenhouse gas emissions and increased energy and water use. The real focus should be on working towards a circular economy by improving our insufficient waste management infrastructure rather than demonizing a material that improves our daily lives.”