Mon October 31, 2016

By Delphine Gisgara

"I Made That" is a series that showcases the people at plastics companies whose work goes into the products that consumers encounter throughout their daily lives. If you are interested in featuring your company's role in bringing a consumer product to market, please email

Playing basketball, tennis or any other sport on concrete is becoming less and less common these days, thanks to the plastics industry. One innovative company, CH3 makes a product called VersaCourt that’s begun to replace harder athletic surfaces with a softer plastic material.

CH3 provides the courts with a lifetime warranty, and they’re designed to go in right on top of an existing court. The VersaCourt is also easier to repair, easier to clean or replace and easier to play on. Since the material that goes into the tiles is softer than concrete, it creates a great deal less strain on players’ knees, ensuring that they can keep playing for much longer with less of a risk of injury. “Our outdoor tile has a little movement in it,” said Rodney Davenport of CH3. “So when you go to do a hard break and change direction, you get a little flex, and your joints don’t have to take all of what you would feel on concrete.”

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