Shankari Bastiampillai
Executive Assistant to the President & CEO

Attendees, Sponsors and Presenters have the ability to schedule 1:1 video meetings with other users by using the “Networking Meetings” tab at the top of the event website. The registrant directory is a list of all registered attendees for the whole event. You can browse the pages of users or use the search function to find a specific user. Request a meeting with another user by clicking the “Request Meeting” button under that user’s profile. A window will open where you will input the meeting date, time, and other relevant information. When you submit the meeting request, the receiving user will get a notification email at the address they used to register. That user then has the option to accept or decline the meeting invitation. If the meeting is accepted, both users will receive an email with the meeting details and the virtual meeting link. Pending and Accepted meetings will appear on each user’s personalized schedule.

1:1 Networking Meetings take place in a Swoogo Virtual Meeting Room. All users in the room have the same basic controls, which include microphone mute toggle, webcam toggle, share screen, device settings, and full screen or tile view.

For security purposes, the meeting request function DOES NOT share the email addresses of the parties involved. The only information that is shared is the name of each user and whether they accept the request or not.