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We are dedicated to representing the plastics industry with clear, powerful branding. Below you'll find guidance about how to correctly use our new identity. Please update your records to reflect the changes in our logo and name to be compliant. 

Our new name is the Plastics Industry Association, or, for short, PLASTICS (never PIA). On first reference, use the association's full name and introduce its shorthand name.



  • How to Refer to Us

    Our new name is the Plastics Industry Association, or, for short, PLASTICS (never PIA). On first reference, use the association's full name and introduce its shorthand name.

    Examples of how to use our new name:
    • Members at the Plastics Industry Association (PLASTICS) are highly valued. At PLASTICS, we put members first.
    • PLASTICS' offices are made almost entirely of plastic.
    Our Boilerplate:

    The Plastics Industry Association (PLASTICS), formerly SPI, is the only organization that supports the entire plastics supply chain, representing nearly one million workers in the $404 billion U.S. industry. Since 1937, PLASTICS has been working to make its members and the industry more globally competitive while advancing recycling and sustainability. To learn more about PLASTICS’ education initiatives, industry-leading insights and events, networking opportunities and policy advocacy, and North America’s largest plastics trade show, NPE: The Plastics Show, visit Connect with PLASTICS on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.

  • The Logo

    Download the Logo (EPS File)

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    Download the Stacked Logo (EPS File)

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    Download the P Icon (High Resolution JPEG)

    In order to preserve the integrity of the brand, it is important that our logo maintains a consistent appearance throughout our communications. The following identifies a few ways we don’t want our logo to appear.

    1. Do not angle the logotype or icon at any time.

    2. Do not skew, stretch or distort the logo in any way.

    3. Do not alter the proportions of the letters or icon.

    4. Do not add any effects to the logo. This includes drop shadows, gradients, etc.

    5. Only use specified colors to represent the logo.

    6. Do not alter the typography or font styles.

  • Brand Colors
    RedGraySupporting Colors

    *Note: Supporting colors should always be used in conjunction with the hero colors and should never take greater priority.


  • Social Media
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    Official Hashtags#plastics #plasticsrebrand
    Event Hashtags #NPE2018


  1. The Plastics Industry Association (PLASTICS) grants the intended recipient to a limited, non-exclusive. royalty-free, non-transferable, revocable license to use the PLASTICS logo, marks, name or any other intellectual property owned by PLASTICS (“PLASTICS’ Marks”). PLASTICS’ marks must be used in its exact form shall only be used in a manner that is acceptable and approved by PLASTICS. 
  2. You may not, under any circumstances, rotate, alter, change or tamper with the PLASTICS’ marks without PLASTICS’ express written permission.
  3. You must immediately notify PLASTICS if you become aware or suspects any third party has gained access to the PLASTICS’ marks through you or is wrongfully using the PLASTICS’ marks in whole, or in party, or is violating any of PLASTICS’ intellectual property rights.
  4. You may not, at any time, make any claim or indication that PLASTICS endorses any of your products or services or portray yourself as an agent, servant, partner, or employee of PLASTICS.
  5. You also represent and warrant that (1) the use of the PLASTICS’ marks will not violate any applicable laws, statutes, ordinances or regulations; or (2) the use will not contain any material which is disparaging or defamatory to PLASTICS.

Access to this page also means you agree to abide by the PLASTICS General Terms of Use and Privacy Policy on the website.