How to Help

If your company is interested in helping the effort to combat the spread of COVID-19:

Please visit the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) resource page HERE.

Additionally, please find more information, updates and resources from the CDC, FEMA, and the Federal Government HERE.

COVID-19 Resources from the National Association of Manufacturers (NAM)

  • State COVID Operations Snapshot: NAM has developed a resource tracking state and local emergency orders responding to COVID-19. These emergency orders will help manufacturers understand if they qualify as an “essential” business exempt from the mass population event limitations put in place by many state and local governments.
  • COVID-19 NAM Component Survey: NAM has created a Creators Respond Survey. If your company can help produce vital supplies and component parts, fill out the Creators Respond form. With the outpouring of responses, NAM is working with the administration to coordinate with you as quickly as possible. 

COVID-19 State Resources

State Public Health Resources

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