Educating people about the value of plastic products and materials, as well as how to use them safely and sustainably, is at the heart of everything the Plastics Industry Association (PLASTICS) does. Through several different initiatives and resources, PLASTICS offers tools for kids, college-bound students, job seekers, educators, companies and the public at large to learn more about plastics, recycling and careers in the industry.

  • Plastics Make It Possible – This vital online resource, operated in partnership with the American Chemistry Council (ACC), highlights the many ways plastics inspire innovations that improve our lives, solve big problems and help us design a safer, more promising future.
  • PlastiVan™ –Through its partnership with SPE: The Society of Plastics Engineers, PLASTICS sponsors the PlastiVan™ which travels to schools and companies throughout North America, educating people of all ages about plastics chemistry, history, processing, manufacturing, sustainability and applications.
  • PlasticsU – PlasticsU is an online learning center for the ground floor of the plastics industry. Comprised of over 400 individual courses, PlasticsU offers an alternative to traditional “one-size-fits-all” solutions for manufacturing workforce development.
  • U.S. Plastics Programs – An easy-to-use spreadsheet accessible to members only with a thorough list of plastics programs offered at educational institutions across the U.S.