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From large trade shows like NPE to fall and spring niche market conferences hosted by the Plastics industry groups, the leading experts assemble at the Plastic Industry Association events to learn, network and advance their company’s interests.

Fast Facts

The following are a few facts about plastics to educate about the benefits of the plastics industry and its products

  • Plastics and Energy

    During their lif cycle, plastic bags require about one-third less energy to make than paper bags.

  • Plastics in Medicine

    Plastics permeate medicine. From the smallest tubing to the open MRI machine, plastics deliver when lives are on the line.

  • Plastics in the Waste Stream

    Without plastics, the total volume of packaging waste would increase by around 160 percent.

  • Plastics in the Economy

    The U.S. plastics industry creates more than $380 billion in annual shipments.

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California Medical Innovations

California Medical Innovations was founded in 2000 and currently has 30 employees. President Yousof Nathie showed Senator Torres a sampling of the variety of products that utilize his materials...

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