Brands are an integral part of the plastics supply chain. To engage every stakeholder in the future of our industry, PLASTICS has created our new Brand Advisory Group, offering consumer-facing companies opportunities to contribute to projects and events that advance sustainable products and business models, as well as unparalleled networking and collaboration with industry peers among PLASTICS’ councils and committees.

Membership in PLASTICS’ Brand Owner Advisory Group offers numerous benefits:

1.) Leadership of successful recycling demonstrations and other research to increase recycled material availability and its use in innovative consumer products.
2.) Exclusive macro-economic, plastics industry and end market economic data, tailored to distinct supply chain segments and geographic regions.
3.)  Participation in development of national and international standards that shape long-term industry trends.
4.) A stronger voice in Washington, D.C., and state capitals, where PLASTICS’ advocacy efforts are impacting legislation and regulations aimed at brands and retail businesses.
5.) Premiere access to dozens of special events each year enabling exploration of the latest ideas with thought-leaders and decision-makers across the supply chain.

We welcome current brand-owner members who outsource or sub-contract plastics processing. Companies with in-house processing capabilities will be re-designated as processors, equipment providers, or material suppliers with the full benefits of PLASTICS membership.

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Brand Owners Advisory Group Networking Opportunities

Brand Owner members have access to a strong network of customers and suppliers at a robust slate of fall and spring PLASTICS conferences and events – all at member discounts.

Brand Owners Advisory Group Partnership with SPE

PLASTICS and SPE (Society of Plastics Engineers) have a strategic partnered membership program for plastics industry Brand Owners. Under the agreement, Brand Owners Advisory Group members will immediately be granted unlimited premium SPE memberships with VIP access to all benefits. This partnership allows both organizations to leverage and showcase their respective strengths while building a stronger value proposition for their traditional membership base.