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The Flexible Vinyl Products Division (FVPD) represents all companies working with polyvinyl chloride, more commonly known as PVC or, simply, vinyl. The third most commonly used plastic material after polyethylene and polypropylene, PVC is a remarkably inexpensive, safe, sustainable, recyclable and diverse plastic material.
What FVPD Does 
  • Provides technical education to support innovation in vinyl products.
  • Provides regulatory support and advocacy regarding chemicals deemed to be of concern by local, state, federal and international regulatory bodies.
  • Advocates for relief from business and job losses caused by regulations based on unsound science or hearsay.
Some facts about vinyl:
  • Vinyl is 100 percent recyclable.
  • Vinyl is a major plastic component used to manufacture portable medical isolation units, protective garments and a host of other medical products used in the fight against infectious diseases. Learn more about how vinyl saves lives here.
  • Vinyl water pipe has a usable life two to three times that of metal or concrete. It imparts no taste or odor to water and is resistant to the kind of biofilm build-up that can contaminate water. 

The Annual Compounders Conference

Each year the Division produces the Annual Compounders Conference, usually in mid-July. This is the largest annual gathering in the vinyl industry.  

While FVPD’s target audience is the general flexible vinyl market, our conference audience consists primarily of representatives from those companies involved with plastisol and organosols, which are liquid compounds based on 1µ dispersion (a.k.a.: paste, emulsion) resins.

Conference attendees represent companies including vinyl resin and plasticizer producers, captive and non-captive plastisol formulators (compounders) and producers of industrial and consumer end-products.

Globally, products produced from plastisols include:

  • Cushion vinyl (roll) flooring
  • Carpet tiles
  • Coated fabrics (i.e. tarpaulins, etc.)
  • Automotive interiors components (i.e. seating, crash pads/dashboards, etc.) and underbody sealants


FVPD Mission Statement

The FVPD promotes the advancement of the flexible vinyl industry. It works for the benefit of all companies within the flexible vinyl industry, regardless of end application, including:

  • Formulators (compounding chemists)
  • Plastisol and Compounder Producers and Suppliers
  • Resin, Plasticizer and Additive Suppliers
  • End-Product Processors
  • Equipment Manufacturers
  • Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs)
  • Designers
  • Specifiers
  • Consultants
  • Regulatory Agencies
  • Other Trade Organizations