Fluoropolymers are plastic materials that have a variety of uses in flexible plastic applications, including as a highly durable coating for wires used to transmit data (internet, telecommunications, etc.), high performance gaskets and seals, nonstick applications and in a variety of military applications. 

The Fluoropolymers Division represents Plastics Industry Association (PLASTICS) member companies that manufacture fluoropolymer resins or process, convert, compound or formulate fluoropolymers. 

NEW! The Fluoropolymers Division just launched the Guide To The Safe Handling of Fluoropolymer Resins, 5th Ed. this year. It provides information on general guidelines for safe handling of fluoropolymer resins in processing. 

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The group:
  • Promotes the benefits of fluoropolymers to material suppliers and public opinion leaders. 
  • Works with local, state, federal and international regulatory bodies to retire the use of chemicals that science indicates pose a threat to consumers, workers and the environment. 
  • Conducts research and advocacy for public safety by promoting science-based building, electrical and fire codes and standards. 
  • Works extensively with the Environmental Protection Agency to research issues concerning fluoropolymers and advocates for safe use worldwide. 
  • Keeps members apprised of industry developments. 
Fluoropolymer Division Activities
  • The Division holds one or two conferences each year, convening with agencies and organizations that can guide the responsible use of these materials. 
  • Wire & Cable
    The Wire and Cable Section has been instrumental in developing standards for safe use of power over LAN cabling, the Ethernet cable used worldwide in business and computer applications.