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  • Transportation & Industrial Plastics (TIP) Committee

The Transportation and Industrial Plastics (TIP) Committee is the Plastics Industry Association’s newest point of engagement for all producers of rigid plastics in automotive, industrial and consumer goods. While the Plastics Industry Association (PLASTICS) has long been a destination for rigid plastic packagers, the TIP group was formed to fill the void created by those operating outside the realm of packaging. Comprised of processors with a brand owner perspective, the entire supply chain – equipment manufacturers, material suppliers, processors, brand owners and recyclers – are represented in the group as it begins to tackle specific issues, including best practices and guidelines for molders, automotive end-of-life vehicle recycling, advocacy and education issues of relevance to this particular end market sector. 

Top Priorities for TIP

  • End-of-Life Opportunities 
    What are the best technical strategies for recycling to achieve zero waste? New technologies and methods are being developed today to increase rigid plastics’ end-of-life potential, including automotive end-of-life vehicle recycling. 
  • Light Weighting Mandates 
    New standards going into effect in 2017 (U.S.) and 2025 (EU) will require automotive manufacturers to deliver new cars with drastically more efficient mileage capabilities. TIP is actively engaging with all stakeholders to determine the best practices and tactics to meet these new requirements, while positioning rigid plastics as a leading solution. 
  • Reports and Analysis
    TIP has contributed to two Plastics Market Watch Reports on the Automotive + Transportation market and on Automotive Recycling. Delivering key insight into the use of rigid plastics in automotive and other end markets, these benchmarks provide the foundation upon which further action can be taken to benefit the entire supply chain.

Having the honor of leading the Transportation and Industrial Plastics (TIP) Committee, I’ve recognized and experienced the value of being an integral part of PLASTICS. Through exposure to new OEMs, Material Suppliers, and Tier 1 companies in the Detroit and surrounding areas; industry marketing and research information, plus networking opportunities and insights into new relationships and potential business, PLASTICS provides a unique connection and commitment to the industry. Michael Cirone, President, Manar, Inc.