Often people think of recycling as discarding their soda bottle in their blue bin and calling it a day. But recycling is more than a single action. It is a complex process that starts before the consumer with material selection and product design, through responsible disposal into a network of parties who collect, transport, process, and ultimately reuse the material in new products. The Plastics Industry Association (PLASTICS) with its unique position representing the full plastics supply chain has the opportunity to play a unique role in facilitating and supporting this important and necessary activity. One of the ways that is done is through a type of collaborative project we call a New End Market Opportunity, or NEMO.

What characteristics define a NEMO?

- Focuses on improving the reuse through recycling of a plastic product or products
- Works across the supply chain, including PLASTICS members, partnering trade associations and their members, academics, and other contributing experts
- Addresses technical or logistical challenges via data generation/collection as well as proof of concept demonstration projects
- Results in publication of reports, case studies, best practices, etc. for use by the industry

If you have a difficult to recycle product or polymer that you think would benefit from cross-supply chain collaboration, please contact Patrick Krieger at

New End Market Opportunities